6.7L Ford PowerStroke Head Stud Kit 2011-2019

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Vehicle Fitments
2011 to 2019 Ford F250 with the 6.7L Powerstroke
2011 to 2019 Ford F350 with the 6.7L Powerstroke
2011 to 2019 Ford F450 with the 6.7L Powerstroke
2011 to 2019 Ford F550 with the 6.7L Powerstroke

Package Content
45x Heads Studs (M12 x 198mm M12 x 185mm) 
45x Nuts (M12)
45x Hardened Parallel Washers
2x Sockets (10mm and 14mm)
2x Allen Wrenches (3mm and 5mm) 
1x Fastener Assembly Lubricant
1x Instruction Manual

Head Studs Vs. Head Bolts

In every diesel car, there are high cylinder pressures that can damage head gaskets. Factory OEM head bolts are torque to yield, meaning you torque the bolt to a specific torque with a final 90-degree rotation that will place the bolt at its’ maximum stretch point.


Our observation through years of dealing with trucks is that when you add parts that increase horsepower (turbocharger, injectors, chips etc.), you risk creating higher cylinder pressures lower than your RPM range, consequently leading to a blown head gasket.


In contrast to head bolts, head studs are engineered to not stretch. Xotic Performance head studs are created using premium steel alloys (XOTIC 7200) that are far superior in tensile strength to a bolt. Our head studs are threaded on top to allow for nut placement which will result in a more accurate torque of the head.


Rather than blowing your head gasket again, we highly recommend replacing your head gaskets with fasteners that have a proven track record of not stretching - so that you never have to deal with the exhaustive procedure of replacing another failed head gasket.



XOTIC 7200 material properties allow for far greater tensile strength compared to 8740 Chromoly steel head studs. Threads are rolled after heat treatment for optimum fatigue strength. Premium quality inspection standards ensure you'll never get a blow head gasket again.



Broached stud ends install & make cylinder head removal easier. Engineered to unleash more performance out of your vehicle. Ample clamping strength prevents cylinder heads from lifting. 



Head studs are designed to retain cylinder seal even with today's extremely high-pressure turbo systems. These studs far exceed clamping forces provided by standard Ford head bolts.



45x Heads Studs, 45x Nuts, 45x Hardened Parallel Washer, 2x Sockets, 2x Allen Wrench, 1x Fastener Assembly Lubricant & Instructions Manual. Black oxide finish protects from wear and tear. Hardened parallel washers allow for uniform load distribution and accurate torque readings.




All details including torque recommendations are included in the manual for your reference.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Jason Anderson (Sturgis, US)

    6.7L Ford PowerStroke 2011-2019 Diesel Cylinder Head Stud Kit CP880

    Zachary Chandler (Cincinnati, US)

    6.7L Ford PowerStroke 2011-2019 Diesel Cylinder Head Stud Kit CP880

    Magee (Seminole, US)

    Excellent product fast delivery would recommend highly

    Keith Miller (Memphis, US)

    Awesome kit easy to read directions and has performed flawlessly would recommend anybody to use this kit!!

    Dave Caffey (Jacksonville, US)

    2011-2019 Ford 6.7L PowerStroke Diesel Cylinder Head Stud Kit CP880

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have any certificate/tensile strength exam that can attest to the tensile strength you advertise?

    Yes, please click on the following link for a tensile strength report by Atrona Labs. We test our head studs extensively to ensure premium quality standards. The video demonstrated in this short preview highlights one of many spot inspections performed for our head studs. 


    Why choose Xotic Performance head studs over other head studs?

    The answer is simple - our long-term vision is to provide premium performance products at an affordable price any car enthusiast can afford. We understand we're a relatively new company, but that doesn't change the quality of products you receive. Our head studs have been put to the test by the thousands, and we can assure you you're getting quality for an affordable price. 


    Do you offer military discounts?

    We do offer military discounts. 

    Please fill out the following form: https://www.xotic-performance.com/pages/military-discount


    Are these head studs reusable? 

    If you performed the original install following the torque sequence correctly as highlighted in our manual, and there are no visible signs of damage, they can be re-used.


    Do these head studs come with paperwork? 

    Detailed instructions are included as part of the kit. 


    Does the kit include an assembly lube?

    Yes. Assembly lubricant is included as part of the kit. 


    What is the tensile strength?

    220,000-240,000 PSI. 


    What material are they made of? 

    XOTIC 7200 head studs are made from premium steel alloys that allow for far greater tensile strength compared to 8740 Chromoly steel head studs.


    Do these come with instructions/torque sequence for replacing 1 at a time with the heads on?

    This kit includes instructions with torque specs and sequence.