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Good quality

Good quality parts. The fasteners were the wrong size for the head studs and had to outsource for the correct ones.

12V 5.9L Dodge Cummins Head Stud Kit 1989-1998
Tyson Hussey (Townsville, AU)
Looks the goods

Well packed haven't opened and fitted yet but definitely looks good quality

6.6L Chevy Duramax Head Stud Kit 2001-2016
Henry Klassen (Woodbridge, CA)

6.6L Chevy Duramax Head Stud Kit 2001-2016

6.7L & 5.9L 24V Dodge Cummins Head Stud Kit 1998.5-Present

Installed on 2012 Cummins 6.7 . Great product

I was weary at first due to I’ve always used arp but I went ahead and ordered from Xotic. The price difference is a lot and you’re actually getting more tensile strength then the arp 2000s . The install was just like any head stud and took about 5 hours straight . Everything needed is included and they give you more than enough lubricant so you don’t need to buy any . They also include a 12 point socket . I am interested to see how they hold up to being reused once I pull the head a few times . As of right now they are great . I’m running around 700 hp and the ats 7500 over the 4000 compound set up and these studs are holding the head down just fine . I look forward to Xotic coming out with another step up to match the 625s as well . I meant to make an install video but I was in a rush to get the Cummins back on the road will do next time tho .

Quality Products

After receiving the rocker arm pedestals I opened the package to inspect the contents and every pedestal was individually packed and in great condition. With less than adequate mail carriers these days I appreciate the additional time Xotic took to carefully and securely package their products. I’m also grateful for Xotic offering a veteran appreciation discount.

6.6L Chevy Duramax Head Stud Kit 2001-2016
Michael Lammi (Ludington, US)

6.6L Chevy Duramax Head Stud Kit 2001-2016

6.7L Ford PowerStroke Head Stud Kit 2011-2019

6.6L Chevy Duramax Head Stud Kit 2001-2016

Amazing quality

Having used other brand head studs in the past I gave xotics a try after some friends having great success with their product. I haven’t installed them yet but I was impressed enough with the packaging, each stud had a cap on each end to avoid damage to the threads, I really liked that the packaging came with their own engraved sockets and hex wrench. I also bought a set of their milled rocker pedestals and I’m excited to install everything.

12V 5.9L Dodge Cummins Head Stud Kit 1989-1998
Benjamin Parker (Atlanta, US)

Quality seemed good and the studs came as a kit with even the sockets to install the hardware which was a surprise, so far so good with engine making 50psi of boost an no problems.

Thread Chaser M12 x 1.75" CS304
Scott Bangel (Haledon, US)
Quality studs

I have used other head studs before and these are just as good as the other ones excellent products for my application

Great product and service

The parts were shipped quick and installed very nicely. Great product

6.0 power stroke rebuild 30 day review

The studs came in a nice kit package nicely with proper hardware to install with instructions that were what I would say the right way to do it. Definitely feels like quality product and has held up so far on stock tuning but that’s expected

Good product

Have installed several with no problems at all

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Jon Bradshaw (Rose Bud, US)

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Good quality

Look like good quality studs. Good directions. Nice packaging. Haven’t ran the truck yet.

6.4 powerstroke

We have been building these engine for awhile..head studds is a must ..arp is overpriced the kit from xotic is a competitor...running high performance and heads stay down tight ..will be ordering again

6.6L Chevy Duramax Head Stud Kit 2001-2016
David Lovett (Fort Worth, US)

They look great haven’t put them in yet

Great product

Excellent product fast shipping

Nice stuff

Packaging is really nice and comes with everything you need and the correct sockets are a nice touch. If it's stronger then ARP then I'd say Don't buy from anyone but xotic

Head studs

So far so good I will be ordering more
Are you interested in new dealers for your product
I would be interested thank you

6.4L Ford PowerStroke Head Stud Kit 2008-2010

Very well priced and to me is basically the same as ARP Head Studs